Department Office of Administrative Affairs

City of Crowley's Office of Administrative Affairs is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the mayor's office. The Administrative Assistant schedules all appointments and meetings for the mayor, keeps the mayor and board of aldermen informed of all changes in federal and/or state statutes. The Administrative Assistant supervises the constituent request division, custodian, and the landscape specialist.

Constituent Requests

The constituent request division receives requests for the entitled services from the citizens of Crowley, assigns requests to the appropriate departments, follows up on all requests for entitled services through the use of service surveys, and reports results of service to the quality manager. You can request records from the City of Crowley by filling out the Public Records Request form and submitting to the City of Crowley, or by calling City Hall at (337) 788-4100.

Office of City Clerk

Established in 1900, the Office of Administration, City Clerk section is responsible for recording and preserving the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Aldermen, acts as auditor for the city, and assists the mayor in preparing the annual budget. The City Clerk supervises five sub-sections, including municipal tax collections, applications for occupational licenses and alcohol and beverage permits, personnel, payroll, and purchasing. To access applications for permits and licenses, click here.


The Payroll Clerk works closely with the Personnel Clerk to compute and enter computer payroll data for the employees of the City of Crowley. The Payroll Clerk is responsible for compiling payroll data, such as hours worked, insurance deductions, employee identification number, and exemptions. He/she reviews wages computed and corrects errors to ensure accuracy of the payroll. He/she also records changes affecting net pay and prepares for city employees periodic reports of earnings, taxes, and deductions. The Payroll Clerk is most popular on paydays when he/she prepares and issues paychecks.


The personnel administrator receives and reviews applications for municipal employment and coordinates employee health and leave benefits. The City of Crowley is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, veteran status, or any nonmerit factor. For information on employment opportunities click here or apply at the Office of Employment Security at 124 East 3rd Street, Crowley, Louisiana.




The purchasing agent is responsible for evaluating office supplies and approving purchasing of most supplies and equipment based on need. Under the umbrella of ISO 9001, the purchasing agent completes quarterly evaluations of all vendors. Vendors may contact the purchasing agent by telephoning (337) 788-4105.


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