Crowley Main Street

The City of Crowley was designated as a Louisiana Main Street Community in July, 1999.

Main Street offers design and technical assistance for building renovations. The local office has access to state and national networks of data and workshops to improve the downtown community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Main Street Crowley is to recognize, revitalize, and promote the historic, cultural, social, and economic significance of Crowley's Downtown Historic Business District, and to educate the community about the benefits of its preservation through the involvement of the entire community.

317 North Parkerson Avenue
Crowley, Louisiana 70527-0901

Office: (337) 788-4123


Facade Grants
The Main Street Program, through the Louisiana Main Street Program, offers facade grants to help improve the appearance of downtown while encouraging good design. These grants are awarded on an annual basis and are given to projects that contribute to the commercial revitalization of the historic central business district. Properties must be located within the geographically designated Main Street area and must be at least 50 years old. There are some exceptions. This is a matching grant.

These grants are financed in part with federal funds from the National Park Service, Department of the Interior through the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, Division of Historic Preservation.

Tax Abatement
The tax abatement program is available for buildings individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places or buildings that are considered historic components of Register districts. The state tax abatement program can be used both for commercial structures and owner-occupied private homes. Under the Restoration Tax Abatement Program, the assessed value and the property taxes can be frozen at the pre-improvement level for five years, resulting in substantial tax savings. In addition, this program can be used in combination with the federal historic preservation tax credit program, resulting in even more substantial savings.

Tax Credits
A tax credit is a direct, dollar for dollar, reduction in the amount of money a taxpayer must pay in taxes for a given year. Example: if a taxpayer owes $7,000 in taxes to the IRS, but has a tax credit of $3,500, he only pays $3,500. A credit is much better than a deduction which merely reduces a taxpayer's taxable income and may put him in a lower tax bracket. If a taxpayer earns more credit than he can use in a single year, he can carry the credit forward up to 20 years, and backward 1 year.