Publice Works Department

Albert John, Public Works Director
Gilbert Onezine, Street Commissioner
(337) 783-0824

Fleet Management

Fleet Management oversees the maintenance of all city owned vehicles and gas powered equipment. From camel trucks to gas-powered weed eaters the fleet management section services and maintains city-owned equipment. The division maintains all vehicle records and schedules periodic maintenance and provides critical equipment repairs.

Inventory Control / Purchasing

Inventory Control and Purchasing has the duty of purchasing supplies, materials, and equipment used by public works and assuring that inventory remains suited for the department. The department, which is ISO 9001 registered, controls supply and demand based on using accurate record keeping and ISO standards.

Street Department

The Street Department is the largest division in Public Works.  Employees in this department are charged with maintaining and repairing all travel ways for Crowley citizens including streets, sidewalks, alleys, boulevards, and medians.  Employees cut or trim trees on city rights of way, and build, repair and/or remove sidewalks on city rights of way.  This department is also charged with decorating the city for special events including the International Rice Festival, Christmas, May Market, and July Fete.

Maintenance of City-Owned Cemetary

The City of Crowley owns a cemetery located in South Crowley.  The Public Works Department maintains the cemetery.  For more information about purchasing plots, contact the City Clerk's office at (337) 788-4103.





Welding Department

The welding department repairs and/or constructs equipment for city use.

Landscape Specialists

The City of Crowley employees full time landscape specialists. These employees are charged with maintaining all flowerbeds, specialty trees, and city medians. These employees assist in the annual Cleanest City Contest.