Crowley, LA – Today, Mayor Tim Monceaux issued the following statement regarding Trick-or-Treating in Crowley this year:

“On September 29th, I made the decision to cancel Trick-or-Treating in Crowley based on the information provided to me by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Subsequently, new information has been provided and I have consulted with several medical professionals in Crowley. The number of cases of COVID-19, I am happy to discover, have been trending down in Acadia Parish and Crowley. Based on that information, I am going to retract my original decision and allow Trick-or-Treating in Crowley this year, in hopes that our children can resume some type of normalcy. As a precaution, one week prior to October 31st, I will review any new information and if it indicates an upward trend in positivity cases, and/or there are any mandates given by Governor Edwards to declare Halloween unsafe, Trick-or-Treating will then be cancelled. I would like to remind our citizens that the dangers and risks of COVID-19 still exist. I am highly recommending that you safely participate with family members and only go to homes of families that you are familiar with. Please protect yourself and others by wearing face coverings and gloves. I would like to remind parents that it is entirely your decision on the direction you take in participating with your children for Trick-or-Treat. There are other safety measures and guidelines that can be obtained through the CDC and at Governor Edwards’ website ( ). I want to encourage everyone to please be safe and mindful of social distancing. The hours of Trick-or-Treating for Crowley will be from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Saturday, October 31, 2020.” The Crowley Police Department will be on patrol to ensure public safety.

For additional information, contact Crowley City Hall at 337.783.0824 or visit our website at